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Meet Mwaye Kouakou

Our history hero of the week!

Mwaye Kouakou

Runner-Up, Upper Primary Category

Mwaye is an Ivorian who resides in Nigeria. She is eleven (11) years of age and is currently a Grade 7 student of Funtaj International School. She emerged as the runner up in the upper primary category of the competition.

Mwaye is an intelligent and hardworking girl and these traits could be seen in how much effort she put into the competition, researching and writing her essay.

From the excerpts of her submission, she laid emphasis to a rather ignored part of modern medicine in her essay, which is “access to the raw materials that are scientifically combined to create modern medicine/pills”. This is an especially important part of the process that Africa has in the past and even now continues to contribute to greatly. Her structured submission follows a clear path from current contributions of Africa to modern medicine and flows into more historic data. She pointed out innovations that were carried out by Africans that has come to influence the face of modern medicine. Mwaye ended her piece by mentioning Africa's potential to contribute even more if this sector is more proactively managed!

Click here to read her essay submission

Our history hero is well spoken and full of potential. Hear from her yourself in this short interview where Mwaye introduces herself and tells us about her experience competing in the first-ever LearnHistory Africa history essay competition for African kids!

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