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Meet Shalom Okesola

Our history hero of the week!

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Shalom Okesola

Winner Upper Primary Category

First impressions are hard to change and that's great because our first impression of Shalom Okesola was impressive to say the least.

Meet Shalom Okesola our 8-year-old winner of the upper primary category in the just concluded essay competition for African kids. Shalom is a bright and assertive child and she wowed us with her thoroughness in researching various angles of the topic "How Africa has contributed to modern medicine from ancient times till date".

From the very first paragraph of Shalom's essay, you could tell that she had something very important to say. Shalom began by emphasizing the importance of health to individuals and nations, successfully validating the need to investigate the topic provided.


With every paragraph, Shalom kept on impressing us with fact-based statements that built her case up to the final paragraph. Shalom is well-spoken and confident and you can very easily match her aura to the intensity of her essay submission.


We at Learn History Africa say a very big well done to Shalom and encourage her to keep the fire burning. Find out her response to winning and what she intends to do with her prize in the video interview below.


In her video, she pointed out her love for writing and we love her write-up. There's nothing better in life than to have a passion for something, because then, winning becomes easy.

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