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Meet Christabel Akpovona

Our history hero of the week!


Christabel Akpovona

Second runner-up Junior Secondary category.

Meet Christabel Akpovona our heroine of the week, aged 12 years old, who emerged as the second runner-up in the Junior secondary category of the Learn History Africa Essay Competition for African kids.

Christabel's essay was very well structured as she explained her core concept on the fact that Africa has done well in exploring plants and herbs in treating medical conditions.

Christabel shared some of the methods that were used in Africa for curing ailments before orthodox medicine. Her essay was very informative as she shared with us how far African traditional medicine has come in terms of acceptance. She stated in her essay that traditional medicine has gained acceptance by the research commission of the African Union as well as by other global health monitors.

She emphasized how Africans are mostly engaged in the cultivation, preparation, and marketing of herbal medicines, which have helped to improve their economy while acting as a veritable source of raw material to the pharmaceutical industry. She also wrote about how young African scientists are engaged in empirical studies into the toxicology and pharmacological effects of these plant extract with the resultant development into drugs that competes with western standard.

We congratulate Christabel for producing this very technical winning essay and wish her the very best in all her endeavors.

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