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Meet Rihanna Bassey,
Our history hero of the week!

Rihanna Bassey.jpg

Rihanna Bassey

Winner, Junior Secondary Category

As we bring this season of celebrating our Learn history Africa essay competition winners to a close, we present to you the brilliant Rihanna Bassey whose essay emerged as the overall best submission for the junior secondary category.

13-year-old Rihanna added a depth to her essay that was unique to her and we are eager to share her insights with you.

From Rihanna’s submission, we noted that she had access to useful information on traditional medicines and the use of herbs for treatment purposes. She stated that after World War 2, traditional medicines which were mostly used locally were discovered by foreign researchers who saw its values and studied their botany, a process which has contributed greatly to the practice of Pharmacology.

She further stated that though synthetic medicines are now the order of the day, naturally occurring chemicals from plants tend to be more effective and less harmful to the body when properly managed.

She closed her essay by advising that the practice of traditional medicine should be harnessed through research, education and regulation while allowing balance to accommodate culture and traditions.

Rihanna is an all-round lover of art, because not only is she brilliant at writing, she also loves to paint, read and she loves music.

Creativity is the mother of invention, so we know that we can expect amazing things from Rihanna.

We are honored to have met Rihanna and wish her the best in her education.

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