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Meet Grace Okesola

Our history hero of the week!

Grace Okesola

1st Runner-Up, Lower Secondary Category

It is rather easy to get lost in the crowd of the collective when looking into a people's history, however, it is good to note that it is people who make up systems and systems in return make people.

Meet 11 year old Grace Okesola who emerged as the runner up in the lower secondary category of our inaugural history essay competition. 

In her essay, Grace began with an ode to Africa, describing it as 'a land of beauty' and stating the known fact that many believe that Africa is the birthplace of mankind and from where civilization spread to other parts of the world. She showed clarity of thought and gave many instances where specific Africans and African corporations have contributed to modern medicine. She proved that Africa has always been full of intelligent and industrious people. 


Grace’s submission was largely focused on individualism, an extraordinary take on the subject of Africa's contribution to modern medicine. It was difficult to choose a particular excerpt from Grace's Essay because the entire essay had something of note in each paragraph.

We congratulate Grace for her insight into this subject and wish her a future of success in all her endeavors.

About her experience during the competition, Grace does not just think that participating in the #LHAEC2021 was a good decision, she thinks it's the best decision that she's made in her life so far.

We don't take that lightly at all and we're honored to have been a part of this milestone with Grace!

In her video, she talked about how her mum encouraged her to participate in the essay despite finding out about it quite late. We join Grace in saying a big thank you to her mum and all who were a huge encouragement to her during the competition.

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