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Meet Uchechukwu Daniel

Our history hero of the week!

Uchechukwu Daniel

2nd Runner-Up, Lower Primary Category

If you are convinced that children these days are especially brilliant, then our history hero is your proof!

Uche is a six-year-old Nigerian who is currently a grade three pupil in Val De Maurice Academy Abuja. He emerged as the second runner up in the lower primary category of the just concluded history essay competition for African kids. 

Uche is an intelligent and hardworking boy, and these were the qualities that made him excel in the competition.  In his essay submission, Uche talked about a universal phenomenon – the fact that in science, solutions are not always accurate. He pointed this out especially for Africa’s past medical endeavors. He was precise about how Africa has contributed to medicine as it concerns specific ailments including malaria, catarrh, skin ailments and COVID-19.

Suffice to say, Uchechukwu was happy to discover that he was chosen as one of the essay competition winners as it was his first time of ever competing on this scale. We are sure that next time he encounters an opportunity to participate in a competition, he will be even bolder and more likely to win bigger. 

There is nothing compared to ensuring your child participates and excel in this kind of opportunities, therefore, we at LearnHistory Africa wants to make sure that your child has ample opportunities to grow outside of school.

We celebrate our history hero of the week and wish him the best in his endeavors. Watch out his reaction to winning and what he did with his gift card prize of US$50!

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