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Meet Oluwanifemi Abolaji

Our history hero of the week!

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Oluwanifemi Abolaji

1st Runner-Up, Lower Primary Category

Meet Oluwanifemi Abolaji our history heroine of the week who recently turned 9. She is a soft-spoken and intelligent young girl who emerged as the runner up in the upper primary category of the history essay competition for African kids and a pupil of the JP Master Academy.

Oluwanifemi proved that being quiet or even a little shy says nothing about one's determination and ability to win. We are so thrilled that we get to connect with such vibrant young minds with interesting personalities and perspectives. In her essay, she began by defining medicine and relating it to African medicinal herbs that remain relevant till date. She reiterated a fact that herbal medicine was used in ancient times for the treatment of sicknesses and diseases and in recent times used to make cream for skin and other medications.

Because of Oluwanifemi's essay, we did a bit of research on Professor Arthur Obel an African from Kenya and found quite some interesting information. We definitely think that you should look him up to find out more about his work and contributions to medicine.


Watch the video chat below where she introduces herself and talks about her experience participating in the competition. She also talks about how she felt about emerging as a winner and what she did with her gift card.


Can we theorize that Oluwanifemi will go on to become a historian, medical doctor, or writer? Well, we will be on the lookout and be rooting for her.

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