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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Some of us have somehow been programmed to perceive history as a boring thing to explore. Other's simply see it as a waste of time, but history, African history, is important to us for so many reasons.

Primarily, it is the story of who we are. It is the story and evolution of our food, our music, our medicine, our fashion, our art, our language, our migration and settling, it is our entirety.

African History helps us understand how and why things in our society are as the way they are. With the understanding of how things came about; the various religions across the continent, the different people groups, their migration story and linguistic differences. History gives a clearer picture on how they came about, how it spread and how it works across the different parts of the continent.

History gives us a better understanding of why and how people are different from us, we learn how groups, families and even countries are formed. In history, we learn of the Fulani people and why they mark their skin and cover their hair, the Hutu people and how they survived genocide in Burundi, the Nilotes and their spread along the Nile into East and Central Africa or how different people groups became countries like in the case of Nigeria. History holds so much.

An understanding of our similarities and differences fosters a better relationship. At the same time, it promotes a healthy sense of identity.

History addresses the issue of change overtime. It gives reason for changes and an understanding of the elements of history that remain constant overtime. What happened to the pyramids of Giza, or the lighthouse of Alexandria which were at onetime part of the seven wonders of the world? What happened to all the wealth in Ethiopia? How the Monarchy of the Benin Kingdom still exists today?

In African History, we learn lessons, lessons of our past, our mistakes, our victories. In a sense you can say history helps us as proud Africans stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, helping us be better for tomorrow.

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