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What is greatness?

Alexandria, Egypt, is one of the largest civilizations in the world, not just in Africa. It was founded by

Alexander the Great in 331 BCE and continued to serve as Egypt's capital until its surrender to Arab forces

in 642 CE. It was once one of the greatest cities in the Mediterranean and a center of Hellenic (Greek)

scholarship and science.

The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea at the mouth of the Nile River and is the largest city in the

Mediterranean to this day. Alexandria grew to become a major center of the international shipping industry

and one of the world's most important trading centers in the late 18th century.

Because of its natural gas and oil pipelines from Suez, Alexandria is a popular tourist destination as well as

an important industrial center.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as the Pharos of Alexandria, was the most famous landmark in

Alexandria. A stone tower edifice that stood at 350 feet (the only taller man-made structure at the time

would have been the Giza pyramids) for nearly 1500 years. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient


The Great Library of Alexandria, the largest and most important library in the ancient world, was also

located in Alexandria. Alexandria became known as the capital of knowledge and learning, thanks in part to

the Great Library. During the third and second centuries BC, many important and influential scholars

worked at the Library.

One of the most important lessons to be learned from the once-great city of Alexandria is the importance of

continuous improvement. As humans, we are frequently carried away by success and have the desire to rest

and glory in what we have accomplished. However, success that is not improved upon will quickly fade away

and be soon referred to as ancient. Hence, what actually defines greatness is continuous progression.

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